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Record temps create carp spawning conditions

This Plecostomus must have been in someone’s aquarium. (Credit Jim Burns)

OK, I know it sounds crazy, but carp were chasing each other, jumping out of the water and love was in the air. In other words, a mini-spawn is on. Weather in Long Beach topped out at 87 degrees breaking the record of 84 set in 1975, according to the National Weather Service.

Meanwhile, I didn’t catch this deceased  Plecostomus, but was thrilled to finally see one.


Aquarium lovers might know this heavily armored bottom feeder as a “janitor fish,” one that comes from the Amazon to clean the algae off your tank. Tthe species grows to 2 feet and sometimes end up in the river.

Crazy-hot temperatures for December found lots of carp jumping out of the water, a bad sign for catching them.

See you on the river, Jim Burns


Quick mends: Spring carp spawn is on!

Spring Insanity: if you've never seen a carp spawn, now's the time. (birding for Humans)
Spring Insanity: if you’ve never seen a carp spawn, now’s the time. (birding for Humans)

The Birding for Humans blog sent me this snap yesterday. From the looks of it, carp love is in full bloom.

Go down and see for yourself. This urban river phenomenon is about as awesome as it gets. Dozens of carp make their way up river.

See you on the river, Jim Burns