Month: September 2012

Quick Mends: San Gabriel River faces increased human pressures

Could this sign soon include “national recreation area”? (Courtesy Forest Camping)

The only time I’ve been up to the East Fork of the San Gabriel River, I got the last parking spot, passed by a pretty rough crew, and — most importantly — got skunked. The last part is why I haven’t been back.

In today’s Los Angeles Times, Louis Sahagun pens a remarkably scary portrait of a river that’s facing real problems, both from budget cuts that make law enforcement difficult and from the interests of competing groups.

What I found telling is that of the players Sahagun interviewed, not one was a fly fisherman. Believe me, we’re out there in the Sab Gabes, but I think word is out that the East Fork needs some serious work before it once again becomes a local fishing destination.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

Quick mends: Salon reports on reclaiming urban waterways

Salon columnist Will Doig gets it right in his recent piece about urban waterways. If you want to find out what’s happening in cities across the country, give it a read. I know here in L.A. we are making real progress toward reclaiming our river.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

Quick mends: Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act with your fish tales

FROM SALMON TO SARDINES, it’s time to share your story with the NWF to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act.

This just in from the National Wildlife Federation: It’s time to celebrate clean water thanks to the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act. We wanted to let you know that NWF has just launched a photo event called “Share Your Fish Tales” that we plan to continue through mid-October.  Through the “Fish Tale” event our goal is to reach as many anglers and fishing families as possible and have them communicate through their fish pics and tales why clean water and fishing matter to them. 

Here’s what is happening: Land Tawney has just kicked off the event with a personal blog on NWF’s website. He has shown his own Montana fish pics and told his fish tale and encouraged folks to do the same, by providing a link to post fish photos and short fish tales (200 words or less) on a dedicated Flickr site. As Land says, we not only want photos of you “gripping and grinning” with big fish, but photos of the waters they came from, and pictures of your child’s first fish and fishing experience. 

Throughout September and early October, we plan to post guest blogs and otherwise share many of these pictures and stories, highlighting the importance of clean water to good fishing. We also want to share these messages with federal, state, and local decision makers.  We welcome your groups promoting this message and this event through your own websites and blogs.  As every angler knows, clean water and good fishing go hand in hand. To honor the passage of the Clean Water Act and to help renew clean water protections for our streams, lakes, wetlands, and bays, please help us raise the chorus of sportsmen voices in support of the Clean Water Act.  

 Share your fish tales and photos with us at and

See you on the river, Jim Burns