Month: October 2021

Rainy day reading list from World Rivers Day

Here’s an excellent list of books about rivers from World Rivers Day. Some titles I recognize, some I don’t. With fishing season closed for the winter, these books could keep you company on your fly-tying bench. They’ve got “the movie” at No. 5. I’m definitely going to check out No. 13, “How to Think Like a Fish.” Wonder if it will help me with my backcast?

Tight lines, Jim

  • 1. For those with little ones in their lives, Mark Angelo’s new illustrated children’s book, “The Little Creek that Could; the story of a stream that came back to life” has just been released. Based on a true stream restoration story that unfolded over the past 50 years, the book is an inspirational and hopeful tale about how nature can heal itself, if only we give it a chance – a wonderful and timely message for kids. The book is also a tribute to all those that strive to clean-up and restore rivers.
  •  2. Another much anticipated book is Rivers Run Through Us; A Natural and Human History of Great Rivers of North America by Eric Taylor. This book is an engaging, informative, and personal exploration of some of the great rivers of North America and highlights the fact that every river has a great story to tell. 
  • 3. The Emerald Mile by Kevin Fedarko.
  • 4. The River Why by David James Duncan. 
  • 5. A River Runs Through It by Norman Mclean. 
  • 6. In addition, Highland River by Neil M Gunn is a wonderful story of a young man who returns to the fishing village of Caithness, Scotland, to follow his home river to its source. 
  • 7. Running the Amazon by Joe Kane from back in 1989 remains a great adventure. 
  • 8. Rod Haig Brown’s classic, A River Never Sleeps. 
  • 9. Where Rivers Run: A 6,000-Mile Exploration of Canada by Canoe by Joanie and Gary McGuffin. 
  • 10. Robert Collins’ The Nile is an excellent and informative book.
  •  11. And Blue River, Black Sea; a journey along the Danube into the heart of New Europe by Andrew Eames chronicles an incredible journey while providing a sparkling history of south-eastern Europe. 
  • 12. For a white knuckle ride, Hell or High Water: surviving Tibet’s Tsangpo River is as good as it gets.
  • 13. How to Think Like a Fish by Jeremy Wade is perfect for any fishing aficionado.
  • 14. Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat remains an excellent guide for any serious Thames River pilgrim. 
  • 15. And for those with an interest “down-under,” the book, Rivers: The Lifeblood of Australia, by Ian Hoskins is filled with amazing images and a wealth of information.