Record temps create carp spawning conditions

This Plecostomus must have been in someone’s aquarium. (Credit Jim Burns)

OK, I know it sounds crazy, but carp were chasing each other, jumping out of the water and love was in the air. In other words, a mini-spawn is on. Weather in Long Beach topped out at 87 degrees breaking the record of 84 set in 1975, according to the National Weather Service.

Meanwhile, I didn’t catch this deceased  Plecostomus, but was thrilled to finally see one.


Aquarium lovers might know this heavily armored bottom feeder as a “janitor fish,” one that comes from the Amazon to clean the algae off your tank. Tthe species grows to 2 feet and sometimes end up in the river.

Crazy-hot temperatures for December found lots of carp jumping out of the water, a bad sign for catching them.

See you on the river, Jim Burns


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