Quick mends: Spring carp spawn is on!

Spring Insanity: if you've never seen a carp spawn, now's the time. (birding for Humans)
Spring Insanity: if you’ve never seen a carp spawn, now’s the time. (birding for Humans)

The Birding for Humans blog sent me this snap yesterday. From the looks of it, carp love is in full bloom.

Go down and see for yourself. This urban river phenomenon is about as awesome as it gets. Dozens of carp make their way up river.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

7 thoughts on “Quick mends: Spring carp spawn is on!”

  1. I just got back. My buddy Michael and I saw so many carp, it was wonderfully ridiculous. Lots of spawning action. One woman with four dogs got so busy taking snaps, I thought she was going to fall in. If you’ve never seen this, check it out (Saturday afternoon).

  2. Urban myth has it that carp don’t feed during spawning, but, when I was walking along the river, I saw that these two guys with five rods in the water had been able to kill seven of them.

  3. Huh, interesting. Not wild about the killing part. I’ve spent hours trying to hook up on a variety of flies to no avail. I remember my son sight casting one year with a smaller nymph and he finally did hook up. It does seem from watching them that they are mostly interested in Le lamour, and a whole lotta splashing around.

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