We love you, Howard Wong

Howard Wong saved this and three other carp from a sidewalk demise during our recent storms. (LAStormwater)
Howard Wong saved this and three other carp from a sidewalk demise during our recent storms. (LAStormwater)

Here’s a typical beauty shot, seen in fly-fishing mags in shops across America. But, this isn’t catch and release. It’s a true lifesaver as L.A. environmental Compliance Inspector Howard Wong rescues this sweet carp and three others from their waterless perch atop the bank, where they were washed up during our recent powerful storms.

Without Howard, we would be four fish short in the river. Thank you!

Hope to see you on the river, Howard. — Jim Burns

3 thoughts on “We love you, Howard Wong”

  1. Some people on FOLAR are complaining that there are too many nonnative fish in the river. They want to eliminate all carp, sunfish, and bass to bring back “native” species. While I would be perfectly fine with a ton of steelheads running up and down the river, the carp is one of the major reasons people decided to fix the river. We need to continually use the river, so that waste management districts do not release higher levels of effluent in it. Meanwhile, dozens of bird species depend on those “nonnative” fish. If we kill all “nonnative” fish in the river, that doesn’t mean that more native fish will be able to survive in this environment.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the fish currently in the river should stay in the river. They are the survivors of years of damage and neglect. And, I agree, even if we got steelhead back into the river, we couldn’t fish for them because they are endangered in So.Cal.

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