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‘The Osprey’ spreads its wings

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(Courtesy The Osprey.)

Jim Yuskavitch here, editor of “The Osprey,” a non-profit science and policy journal that has been advocating for wild salmon and steelhead since 1987.

We recently partnered with The Conservation Angler, Fly Fishers International, Wild Steelhead Coalition, Trout Unlimited, World Salmon Forum, Skeena Wild and Steelhead Society of BC to boost our wild salmon and steelhead advocacy efforts. We’ve added pages and content, and upgraded print quality of the hardcopy edition. Now we’re looking to increase our subscriber base along with our influence on wild salmon and steelhead conservation policies.

“The Osprey” is published in January, May and September, and subscribers may receive it electronically or as a hardcopy in the mail. In addition to receiving “The Osprey” with its articles on the latest wild fish science, policy and issues, the funds received also allow “The Osprey” to be sent to wild-fish conservation decision-makers, such as scientists, fisheries managers, politicians and professional conservationists — a key part of its advocacy strategy.

“The Osprey” is funded by individual subscriptions and donations. Subscriptions start at $15 with the opportunity to donate more. Anyone interested in subscribing to “The Osprey” and helping to support wild salmon and steelhead conservation can download the current issue and donate here

In 2012, “The Osprey” received the Haig-Brown Award for excellence in fisheries conservation journalism.

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This appeal originally appeared in the current California Fly Fisher magazine.