Gulch Fire means no East Fork access

From the U.S. Forestry Service (Tuesday, Aug. 30) 

The Gulch Fire is 110 acres with 25% containment and is burning in San Gabriel Canyon near the Morris Dam. The fire started at 11:26 a.m. on August 29, and is burning upslope west and northwest. Warm and dry conditions can be expected across the incident today with gusts pushing the fire northwest.

The Angeles National Forest is aggressively working to contain the Gulch Fire with 179 firefighters diligently working through the day and night alongside air support. Thank you to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and CHP Baldwin Park for their assistance on the Gulch Fire today.  

Due to the Gulch Fire and East Fire, there is no access to San Gabriel Canyon at this time. The fire danger level remains at “Very High” which allows for campfires and BBQs only in designated recreation sites (campgrounds and picnic areas).

While the cause of the Gulch Fire remains under investigation, 9/10 wildfires in the Angeles National Forest are human-caused. Visitors can help prevent wildfires in several ways:
–Please ensure that your campfires and BBQs are completely extinguished before leaving the area.
–Do not stop on the side of the road on or near dry brush.  
–If towing something, make sure your chains are not dragging on the pavement, as they can cause sparks that light dry grasses or brush nearby on fire.
–Fireworks are NEVER allowed in the Angeles National Forest or any other national forest.  

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