Quick Mends: Strong California salmon fishing season predicted

It might be time to gas up the buggy ( even at a predicted summer $5 a gallon), and get up to Northern California for some salmon fishing. Peter Firmite’s recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle quotes fishery experts as saying there are more chinooks swimming in the ocean now than at any time since 2005. A two-year commercial fishing ban on the fish ended last year, which may account for their increase.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

3 thoughts on “Quick Mends: Strong California salmon fishing season predicted”

  1. Jim,

    All well and good but I see that striped bass are being targeted for smolt depredation by the irrigation interests and are about to have a damaging take authorized by the CDFG, who seemed inclined to buckle under political pressure on this issue. Water wars, California, Idaho, Colorado, the West, it can just get worse.


  2. Hey, Gregg, great to hear from you. Hope that the break is on the mend, and you’ll be back on the water soonest. Didn’t know about the striped bass issue, but will take a look when I’ve got a chance. Just been so frickin’ busy. Am going to sneak out and buy some new waders today. ): Take care, Jim

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