Public ARBOR comment hearing scheduled for Thursday

Could the Los Angeles River ever resemble water inside Yosemite National Park? Time to cast your vote. (Jim Burns)
Could the Los Angeles River ever resemble water inside Yosemite National Park? Time to cast your vote. (Jim Burns)

All right, so where are we on the eve of the first possible U.S. government default in history? And by “we,” I actually mean the people who would dare to  reimagine the Los Angeles River, which would be, for the city of Los Angeles, a great healing of an old wound.

— As Congress’ inability to agree on compromises that would reopen the partially shut-down government and raise the looming debt ceiling continues, Americans give Congress an 11 percent job approval rating, down eight percentage points from last month and one point above the worst rating in Gallup history. (press release)

–The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District today announced it will close its regulatory offices due to the absence of available federal funding. Regulatory offices will be unable to evaluate individual permit applications, Pre-Construction Notifications for Nationwide Permit or Regional General Permit authorizations, or requests for jurisdictional determinations until after current year funding is received and the offices reopen. (press release)

— Mayor Eric Garcetti, who recently visited Washington to push for Alternative 20, the most expensive of the Army Corps restoration projects at over $1 billion, has an online petition he is urging Angelinos to sign. The city would have to bear around $500 million, as the Corps partner. The rest would be federal money.

— If you want to officially comment on the various river options, you’ve got until Nov. 18.

— You can show up and speak up Thursday at the ARBOR Study public hearing, from 5:30 p.m., at the river center, 570 W. Ave. 26, Los Angeles. Should be a fun time.

— p.s. I was in Mammoth Lakes over the weekend and was anxious to show my wife a great fishing spot my son and I discovered (photo above) over the summer. Lots of gorgeous brookies. The only problem: it’s in Yosemite Park, which is closed because of the partial government shutdown. Does that lead to pessimism on my part? NO, not by a long shot. I want the big bucks for our river, even if we have to wait until the approval rating is at 12 percent.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

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