Quick Mends: Obama carp strategy puzzles Chinese

A recent White House carp eradication story caused much more of a stir in China than it did in the U.S. (Courtesy Weekly Times Now)

This fun read from Bloomberg’s Adam Minter explains how the Chinese view President Obama’s pledge of over $50 million to eradicate carp from the Great Lakes: with hungry amusement.

Wild carp is No. 1 on the Chinese dinner menu, according to Minter, and they find it odd that we don’t want to eat this fish as well.

The story earned its own Twitter tag, #Asian Carp on an American Rampage, and received over 85,000 hits.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

3 thoughts on “Quick Mends: Obama carp strategy puzzles Chinese”

  1. Jim,

    Notice that is a common jumping in front of the padlers. That was a querky, likable article. If they only knew what our country has managed to save and the diversity of native species that still exist. Immigrants at my local carp pond absolutely do not understand us releasing them, and when they do fish all fish are kept, period.


  2. Yes, exactly, Gregg. My son and I were fishing in Sequoia National Park. He was just about to release a nice brown when a guy came up, dressed in camo, Bowie knife and all. He could barely speak English, but the look of horror on his face as the trout swam downstream was priceless. And Princess HAHA, thanks for the reblog! — Jim

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