Quick Mends: List of toxic fish grows

Oh boy, not really the kind of thing you want to read on a Sunday, especially this Sunday, yet there it is: Tony Barboza penned an excellent piece in today’s Los Angeles Timesoutlining species joining the unlucky White croaker on the “do not eat” list.

The familiar "no dumping" warning, featured on sewers around the city (Courtesy ESLPod.com).

From the article: “In the so-called red zone that reaches from Santa Monica to Seal Beach, four fish besides white croaker … are now considered so contaminated with the long-banned pesticide DDT, PCBs and mercury that they too are unsafe to eat.”

Added to the list:

— Barred sand bass

— Black croaker

— Topsmelt

— Barracuda

This revelation, which comes from increased scientific scrutiny, not more dumping, led me to wonder about the Los Angeles River and its carp and other fish populations. The FOLAR fish study from several years ago found surprisingly low levels of toxins in the resident fish population.

Is the L.A. River, butt of many a poo-poo joke, actually cleaner than our slice of the Pacific Ocean?

See you on the river, Jim Burns

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