Do you take plastic? L.A. County bans single-use bags in unincorporated areas

Hoorah for Hollywood and now let’s cheer the L.A. County Board of Sups as well … Remember all the way back two weeks ago, when Prop. 26 was defeated? Well, today the supers voted 3-1 to ban plastic bags, which is cool, but it will only take place in unincorporated areas of the county. Think Altadena. That means the ban, which begins January 1, 2012, will not affect cities.

As a fly fisherman, you know you’re sick and tired of seeing trash in the Glendale Narrows, especially after a storm. So it should be worth it to either take your friggin’ bags with you on grocery runs, or pony up the dime that grocery stores will be able to charge for green bags.

Read all about it on L.A. Creek Freak, a thoroughly entertaining blog about the river.

After the storm: LA Public Works corrals debris caught by booms from the L.A. River. (Courtesy Algalita Marine Research Foundation)

See you on the river, Jim Burns

2 thoughts on “Do you take plastic? L.A. County bans single-use bags in unincorporated areas”

  1. Thanks for the Creek Freak mention! Please note, though, L.A. Creek Freak isn’t just me – it two main authors are me and Jessica Hall, and also occasional contributions by Jane Tsong. (I never call it “Joe Linton’s blog”)

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