Must be Sunday, wet a line

So, the question: what were you doing Sunday? Waiting for  a few days off to visit the brown trout section of the Owens? Savoring the Trojans’ deep-dish desert smack down? Whatever it was, if you weren’t casting for carp, you missed it.

This fly-fisherman just about set the river on fire! Maybe we should send this snap to “Ghost Hunters.”

Ask Patrick. I met him on the water and he told me he’d already caught/released a good-size carp. Me, I got skunked in the hour I had to put in. It was, however, a sweet hour spent casting, hunting and hoping.

Then, I headed over to Porto’s for some Cuban bread, which looks a whole lot like French bread. Difference? I’m not sure (maybe a canny commenter will tell us …), but the Cuban pressed sandwiches we ate later that afternoon were great.

Moral of the story. Go fishing in our river. Be home in time for lunch.

See you on the river, Jim

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