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L.A. River spring spawn gets it on!

If you were wondering if today’s weather in the low 60s would stop the spring spawn, the answer’s a definite “no.” Unless it’s raining tomorrow, considering going to the river to see one of the coolest things we’ve got going on in L.A.: spawning carp running up the river. We watched dozens and dozens and dozens of beautiful gold and sometimes rust fish going absolutely nuts.

Anyone who’s fished the spawn know that it’s not easy, but here are some tips:

— don’t go after jumping fish. They won’t strike.

— do get those egg flies out. Tie a bunch in chartreuse. That’s the color.

— don’t expect the fish to strike in fast, running water. Look for the slow pools.

— do let your egg hit bottom, in front of the fish you’ve targeted.

— don’t let your line foul under seaweed. You’ll get broken off (happened today).

— do get excited that you can fish the L.A. River right now.

— don’t play the fish too tightly(happened today as well!). This is not a San Gabes trout. These are big, frickin’ fish.

— do bring your camera. It’s that amazing.

See you on the river, Jim Burns