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Why do water districts oppose CalTrout’s efforts to list Southern Steelhead? Join a DFG Zoom meeting to voice your opinion

Update 12/19/21:

All, To let you know that CalTrout received guidance from CA Fish and Game Commission (FGC) that this 12/15/2021 meeting would be a consent item for the Southern steelhead CESA listing petition, not geared for public comment. This follows the notice to FGC in November by CDFW that upon evaluation of the petition, they deemed it to contain sufficient scientific information to warrant action by the Commission.

CalTrout is implementing our petition campaign and building support for the February 16/17 2022 meeting where this will be heard by FGC, and public comment will be incorporated into the pre-meeting binder for Commissioners. We are recruiting letters of support from legislators, stakeholders and the public. Please watch your inbox for a call to action email which will be broadcast soon, and presentations scheduled on the CESA petition to So Cal fishing groups and others. We encourage any partner, individual or organization that supports this petition to comment. Please have comments in prior to Feb 2nd so they will be added to the pre-meeting information binder.

If you have questions, please contact Russell Marlow, CalTrout lead for the listing petition, at rmarlow@caltrout.org



Sandra Jacobson, Ph.D.

Director, South Coast and Sierra Region

California Trout

Hi Fish Folks,

So the Fish and Game Commission hearing this Wed will be to accept the petition but the actual hearing to make the listing is not until 16-17 Feb.

However, there is some coordinated opposition that we might want to counter by attending the zoom meeting and providing public comment in support of accepting the petition to move it forward. Zoom link info below. Letters/emails submitted now will not necessarily get to the commissioners before the hearing but will be shared after, so not a super rush but still worth doing.

As is detailed in the DFW memo supporting the petition, populations are declining throughout southern CA, these genetically distinct fish are more temperature tolerant and exhibit so many different life history strategies that they are critical to the gene pool and most likely to be able to adapt to climate shifts. This means that southern CA fish could be the ones to keep steelhead going up the coast into the future.
I know you all care about this as much as I do! Do whatever you can to get the word to the Fish and Game Commission! Feel free to spread the word!

thanks, Rosi
Rosi Dagit

Senior Conservation Biologist

RCD of the Santa Monica Mountains

540 S.Topanga Canyon Blvd.

Topanga, CA 90290

Meeting of the California Fish and Game Commission Dec. 15, 9 a.m. Instructions for Participating in the Webinar and Teleconference

The California Fish and Game Commission is conducting this meeting by webinar and teleconference to avoid a public gathering and to protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic, consistent with California Government Code Section 11133. The full meeting agenda is attached. The following provides guidance for how to participate in the meeting with different options based on the technology available to you, and whether you intend to give public comment.

  1. Southern California steelhead
    Receive the Department’s 90-day evaluation report on the petition to list southern
    California steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) as endangered under CESA.
    (Pursuant to Section 2073.5, Fish and Game Code)

Meeting Viewing Only (no public comment)
Watch the Live Stream Webcast
As always, the meeting will be live-streamed (also referred to as a live webcast) with full audio and video. If you simply want to observe the live stream of the meeting but do not wish to comment on any item, we strongly encourage you to view the webcast available at www.fgc.ca.gov<http://www.fgc.ca.gov>.

How to Join the Meeting (if you plan to provide public comment)
Please note: When you join the meeting using any of the following options, you will be muted automatically. Your video will not be displayed when you join the meeting.

Option 1: Zoom with Computer Audio
We highly encourage you to join the meeting on your computer via the link below and use your computer audio to participate. You can participate by launching Zoom in your Internet browser or downloading the Zoom app on your computer.
Join Zoom (using your web browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) Enter the meeting ID: 829 2427 1355
Meeting URL: https://zoom.us/join
Join Zoom (using the downloaded app on your computer)
You will be prompted to enter your email and name, then click “Join Webinar.”
Webinar URL: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82924271355

Option 2: Zoom via Mobile App
Join using the Zoom app on your mobile device (phone or tablet). After you download the app, open the app, select the “Join” icon, enter the meeting ID number and your display name. Then enter your meeting password. Meeting ID: 829 2427 1355
Click here for more details about using Zoom on mobile devices.

Option 3: Teleconference Only
If you are not able to join using your computer or mobile device, please join via phone.
Phone number: +1 (669) 900-6833 or +1 (408) 638-0968         Meeting ID: 829 2427 1355

Option 4: Zoom with Phone Audio (This is not a preferred option for joining as there is the potential to create feedback)
If you plan to join via computer and use your telephone for audio, join the Zoom meeting on your computer first, using the links in Option 1.
For audio, use the “Call Me At” feature and enter your phone number to have Zoom call you.

Viewing Presentations
If you join via Zoom on your computer or mobile device app (Options 1, 2, and 4) the presentations will be displayed. If you join via teleconference only (Option 3), you can view a PDF of the presentations in the meeting binder.

Technical Assistance
For help in joining Zoom meetings, click https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-Joining-a-Meeting.
If you need additional technical assistance, please contact 805-801-3576 or it@agpvideo.com<mailto:it@agpvideo.com>.
Making Public Comment
If you join via Zoom on your computer or mobile phone app (Options 1, 2, and 4) use the “raise hand” feature to indicate that you would like to make a public comment. If you join via teleconference only (Option 3), press “*9” to virtually raise your hand to indicate you would like to make a public comment; if you press *9 again, you will lower your hand. Please see the meeting agenda for full instructions regarding making public

Please note: When the moderator unmutes you to make public comment, you may need to unmute yourself as well. If you join via Zoom, you may be asked to join as panelists when it is your turn to speak.

Quick mends: Endangered steelhead spotted in Ventura

This story from the Ventura County Star has gone viral in the last several days, according to Pasadena Casting Club’s John Tobin. As the club’s conservation editor and an enthusiastic environmentalist, he was excited by the sighting of this endangered species, adding, “this could be the L.A. River!”

STEELHEAD STEALTH:  But researchers still spotted this lone fish near the L.A. County-Ventura border. (Courtesy RCDSMM STREAM TEAM)

I share his sentiment and hope that the push to develop the river doesn’t leave out the most important part — a return of Southern California Coast Steelhead.

Of course, after years of drought, spotting a southern steelhead in a creek at Leo Carrillo State Park is a reason for everyone to cheer. Gone are the days of steelhead runs, when an entire industry sprang up to cater to fishermen who traveled to witness and catch these magnificent fish as they made their way from the ocean to their spawning grounds in our local mountains.

“It was so exciting to find an actual steelhead, as they are rare as hens teeth this year,” said Rosi Dagit, team leader and senior conservation biologist for Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, by email. “Only four anadromous adults have been documented thus far, and one died in my hands in Malibu on Wednesday. A lot of future hopes are with this lovely fish and we wish her many babies to help recover the population!”

Picture 1
Twenty-five-inch steelhead trout caught in the Los Angeles River near Glendale, in January, 1940. (Courtesy family of Dr. Charles L. Hogue)

See you on the river, Jim Burns

Volunteer Opportunity: FoLAR’s Sepulveda Basin Fish Study, Wednesday, June 29

slider solo
Red-eared Slider (Courtesy Charles Hood)

UPDATE: Sadly, this event has been canceled due to a lack of grant funding. Stay tuned for the reboot. 

Greeting fellow fish lovers!

We would love help to conduct the fish survey near Sepulveda Dam on Wed 29 June.
Details below! Please RSVP as we are looking for a crew of about 6 volunteers to assist with seining, but can use all the anglers we can find to help with catching by fly or standard rods. You need a valid CA fishing license to participate.

WHAT: Friends of the Los Angeles River “State of the River 4” — The Sepulveda Basin Fish Study

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29, 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

WHERE: Meet at the dirt road turn off Burbank Blvd. Email for exact location and directions.

– Waders if you have them or come prepared in closed toe shoes (no tevas or open water shoes) and be prepared to get wet to your waist.
– Hat, sunscreen, water, lunch, snacks, etc.
– Angling gear and fishing license if you want to fish!

Let me know if you are interested in joining the fun! thanks, Rosi

Rosi Dagit
RCD of the Santa Monica Mountains
540 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290

Next up: Fish for science at Sepulveda Dam on Nov. 20

Yucking it up in 1938: Herald-Express photographer Coy Watson Jr. (left) and reporter Fred Eldridge (Courtesy KCET).
Yucking it up in 1938: Herald-Express photographer Coy Watson Jr. (left) and reporter Fred Eldridge (Courtesy KCET).

Update: because of permit issues, this event has been postponed until Friday, Nov. 20.

Hi Everyone,

Attached please find the info for the upcoming fishing day.
We caught more fish in dip nets on our exploratory mission last Friday than we have at all other events. They were juvenile tilapia, but still!

We still need 2-3 more volunteers at least but the more the merrier! Please spread the word!

If some of the anglers want to bring kayaks and or floatie chairs along with their rods, there is a cool place under Burbank to send them.

We will also have lots of seine nets available.

Thanks to Bill for setting this up! thanks to all of you for your help in making it happen! This should be really fun!

If you are interested, please email me at oaksrus@verizon.net and I’ll send you the rest of the info.

Rosi Dagit
RCD of the Santa Monica Mountains
540 S. Topanga Canyon Blvd
Topanga, CA 90290




Friday, 30 October 2015

PURPOSE: To characterize the fish community near Sepulveda Dam prior to the onset of the rainy season.

7am RCD team meets at office to load truck and carpool

RCDSMM gear to bring:

waders                         8 buckets                                 dip nets

seine nets                    GPS                                         cameras

blocking nets               fish measuring board               fish id books

data sheets                  clipboard and pencils              cooler and ice

meter tapes                 ziplock baggies                        fish labels/scale envelopes

8am Meet Bill and other volunteers at the pull out off Burbank Blvd.

(Directions to follow!)

EVERYONE should come prepared to get wet to the waist.

Close toe shoes required. Lots of algae to slip on so please come prepared.

If you want to borrow some waders, contact Rosi with your shoe size!

Bring lunch, water, sunscreen, hat and change of clothes if you wish.

If you have a valid CA Fishing License, please bring it along.

8-12     FISHING! We will be working between the Sepulveda Dam upstream to the

bridge under Burbank Blvd. If there is time, we would also like to sample at a few locations in Haskell Creek.

12-12:30 lunch on site (Rosi will bring cookies!)

12:30 – 3 FISHING!

3- 3:30 Clean and pack gear and samples. Head home after a fun day in the river!