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Call to Action: Make your voice heard about proposed new CDFW regs

Fishing organizations with a conservation focus, including the apolitical Pasadena Casting Club, Trout Unlimited and Cal Trout are all asking fishers to make their voices heard about the proposed California Department of Fish & Wildlife regs, which would simplify their complex system with major consequences for many of the waters we love.

For example, the Golden Trout Wilderness, home to our endangered state fish, would be open to a five-fish take and no gear requirements!

Or Hot Creek? Under the proposed regulations, it would lose its “barbless artificial flies only” designation in favor of “barbless artificial lures only.” We all know the difference between a No. 16 green scud and a Rapala DT armed with two barbless treble hooks.

Can you imagine what either gemlike area would fish like after a couple of years of that kind of pressure?

Know this is one issue both fly and spin fishers are united in opposing. As Jack Lunch wrote in Mammoth’s The Sheet:

 And why do fishermen of all stripes, from fly fishermen to bait fishermen, all seem to be on the same page? 

     “I’ve never been in a room where bait and fly people are in complete agreement on something,” remarked Slee Thursday morning. 

     Slee says year-round fishing will decimate fish populations by putting them under constant stress. 

I’ve compiled information from two of the organizations below, as well as provided a link for your comments. Trout Unlimited Jessica Strickland’s side-by-side comparison of California waters with current and proposed regs is available by email only. If you’d like a copy, let her know at jessica.strickland@tu.org.

If you are free tomorrow, from noon- 2 p.m.there’s an information session at Bass Pro Shop in Rancho Cucamonga.

See you on the river, Jim Burns


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Calendar Item: Come join me Thursday night at the Pasadena Casting Club

Yucking it up in 1938: Herald-Express photographer Coy Watson Jr. (left) and reporter Fred Eldridge (Courtesy KCET).


Hello everyone,

I’m speaking this week about the critical juncture in the story of the LA River, the time we’re in right now.  So get your inner river nerd on this Thursday, Sept 13, at 7:30 p.m., at the Pasadena Casting Club in Pasadena’s beautiful Lower Arroyo Seco. If you haven’t seen the casting pond, check it out. The event is  free and you don’t have to be a PCC member to attend. No reservation required. Here are directions. Note, the clubhouse doesn’t have an address.

See you on the river, Jim Burns


Update: ‘Off tha Hook’ prizes valued at $900

The $50 entry fee is looking better, as Patagonia Pasadena stepped up as the Platinum Sponsor for the second annual catch & release fishing derby on the L.A. River, “Off tha Hook.”

There will be two winners on Saturday, Sept. 5, and if you think you’ve got the goods to nab a sweet, fat carp, the top prize could be yours.

The winner will be decided by total weight of fish logged in by the biologists. Just like last year, an angler’s fish will be brought to the biologists by the “bucket brigade” to be weighed, measured and released back into the river. In a change from last year, both fly and spin compete in the same category.

The winner’s prizes will be an exclusive “Off tha Hook” T-shirt, a FoLAR swag bag, trophy with ribbon, his and hers Patagonia puffy jackets, and a box of warm-water flies, tied and donated by the Pasadena Casting Club.image

There will be also be a winner for rarest species, which means anything finny other than carp would be in consideration. On-site biologist Sabrina Drill, Associate Director, California Naturalist at the University of California Cooperative Extension, will make the call.

The angler awarded the rarest species moniker will receive an exclusive “Off tha Hook” T-shirt, a FoLAR bag of swag, trophy with ribbon, and a men’s Patagonia Buckshot Shirt and a women’s Patagonia Better Sweater Jacket.

All told, the value of the prizes is worth more than $900.

Anglers will receive a $10 discounted entry fee if they agree to stay and teach the children, ages 7 to 17, their skills of fishing in an urban river for an hour.

See you on the river, Jim Burns