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Earth Quotes: Myrtle Reed

Author Myrtle Reed was known for her stinging bon mots.

Early Twentieth-Century author Myrtle Reed penned a number of best-selling romances during her time, now all but completely forgotten.  “Old Rose and Silver,” from which I excerpted this Earth Quote, centers around how a group of characters interact in a small town. Thanks to a group of volunteers, you can read it for free on Kindle. Known for her witticisms and bon mots, the following description aptly portrays how many of us feel about the river right now:

“The river itself portrays humanity precisely, with its tortuous windings, its accumulation of driftwood, its unsuspected depths, and its crystalline shallows, singing in the Summer sun.

Barriers may be built across its path, but they bring only power, as the conquering of an obstacle is always sure to do.

Sometimes when the rocks and stone-clad hills loom large ahead, and eternity itself would be needed to carve a passage, there is an easy way around.

The discovery of it makes the river sing with gladness and turns the murmurous deeps to living water, bright with ripples and foam.”

See you on the river, Jim Burns