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Quick Mends: Will ‘carp dogs’ replace the original?

Could ‘carp dogs’ become the hot dog of the future? (Courtesy Kunzler).

If you missed last night’s  PBS Newshour segment about keeping exponentially breeding Asian carp out of the Great Lakes, take a look here. The news clip views like something from a sci-fi novel: loathsome predators a la Terminator; an electric river barricade similar to the great Scottish wall in Doomsday ; food of the future, as in Soylent Green(OK, not that bad!). Turns out, according to the piece, America is the only country where we don’t eat carp, and the citizenry is generally creeped out by the idea. But … that could change.

It really does make me wonder exactly what a carp dog tastes like. Here in the L.A. River, I’ll just keep throwing them back, but if I get to Chicago, I’ll take mine with mustard and mayo.

See you on the river, Jim Burns