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No, Martha, it’s not Montana, it’s the East Fork!

If you missed the “Martha” reference in the title, it’s just because you are young and never had the pleasure or — whatever — of working in legacy news, when there was such a thing.

A “Hey, Martha” story was offbeat or odd, as in, “Hey, Martha, didya hear about the cat who solved the Rubik’s Cube — with no hands??”

Yes, before there was click bait, there was the “Hey, Martha.”

Anyway, inspired by a recent video of clear, fast water on the West Fork (and very bummed that the weekday ban for using the bike path has been extended to December), I ventured to the East Fork. I basically couldn’t believe my eyes: white caps, swells, skinny trails swallowed by water.

In fact, check out this video. If you recognize the area on the right as your old path up to your fav spot, it’s gone. As is the hole where a friend got me into a wee trout last season, my first time at the EF after miners. I would bet all of your favorite spots are now gone — and, never mind, it is glorious to behold this much water flowing freely down the river. New favorite spots with either be discovered, or reappear as fishing season approaches.

Bonus: Who knew our local mountains were this beautiful! Green brings out their canyons, their crevasses, and — their waterfalls.

See you on the river, Jim Burns