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David Street’s elegant writing stirs the imagination

From ‘Fishing in Wild Places,’ illustrated by Terence Lambert

From the classic “Fishing in Wild Places”:

“The nearest one will come to that sort of virgin trout-water on mainland Britain is likely to be in the remote uplands — tiny streams and mountain lochs in the wide country, where golden eagles sweep the skies and osprey dive. Such places are fished, if at all, by only a handful of anglers in the course of a season, men prepared to travel light, to walk and climb for half the day and to make their way safely home in the evening without troubling the mountain rescue teams! As I have found out to my cost, the mist can come down quickly in these places, cocooning one in a cold, wet blanket of nothingness, the landscape disappears and it is hard to trace even one’s own boots.”

See you on the river, Jim Burns