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LA River carp catch, three years in the making

HOW STOKED do you get when you waited three years for that first carp? About this stoked! (courtesy @fishshootbrew)

By Analiza del Rosario

Guest Contributor

I’ve been fishing the LA River for more than three years with no luck, so I certainly had no expectations to catch one this time.
I only had two hours to fish and I was a bit distracted since I had to prepare for a meeting.
I got on the phone with my office while continuing to cast when I suddenly felt a tug and I screamed!

Since I had just lost one prior to hooking this one, I made sure I set the hook properly. I continued to scream while Celine @fishshootbrew started walking up with her big Rhino net, ready to assist.  I was shocked to eventually land on, with so much excitement, I fell backwards!

HEY, WHO you lookin’ at? (Courtesy @fishshootbrew)
I had so much emotions going through me, but In the end, the best part of catching my very first carp was not landing the fish, but the adventure that got me out to the river, even for just a few hours! It was the best experience!
I was at the The Fisherman’s Spot the day before to buy flies and leaders, so they were all rooting for me.
Although, Celine also gave me flies she tied. I’m not sure if the one I bought from the Spot or one the Celine made caught my fly because they both gave me the same exact one.  All in all, I lost five flies, lost two fish and landed this small one.
Hubert Crawford commented on LA River carp catch, three years in the making
My buddy AnaLiza! She’s super cool!! H. Carl Crawford >

Calendar item: Carp on the Fly presentation at Bob Marriott’s today

Todd Suttle, right, explains the finer points of carp on the fly to a crowd of about 20 at The Bob Marriott's event Saturday. (Jim Burns)
Todd Suttle, right, explains the finer points of carp on the fly to a crowd of about 20 at The Bob Marriott’s event Saturday. (Jim Burns)

Update: Zino Nakasuji and Todd Suttle absolutely killed it in their presentation this afternoon, offering in depth tips for fly fishing both on the LA River, as well as Lake Henshaw. If these two talented fishers give another presentation, as they say, run don’t walk. They rock.

I was very impressed by the presentations that day. Truly, I really didn’t know what to expect, but was impressed by the knowledge of all the presenters and that they welcomed questions and were eager to share their knowledge about fishing the LA River and other places as well. Highly recommended attending this ‘open house’ at Bob Marriott’s next time they have one!