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Arroyo Seco pursues grant money for steelhead recovery

 Since its listing as an endangered species in 1997, Southern steelhead abundance has continued to decline to precariously low levels.(Courtesy Arroyo Seco Foundation)

From the Arroyo Seco Foundation: The California Department of Fish & Wildlife has recently listed the Arroyo Seco in the Los Angeles River as a candidate site for its Fisheries Restoration ProgramThis is the first time anything has ever been listed in the LA River Watershed for steelhead restoration. The Arroyo Seco Foundation has been invited to submit a proposal by April 13.

The LA River Fish Passage program has demonstrated how critically important the Arroyo Seco is to steelhead restoration in the LA River system.

The Arroyo Seco Foundation is now putting together a proposal to develop a steelhead recovery program in this critical stream. The program will include analysis of barriers, sediment, trout habitat conditions and a trout population survey. It will also take a preliminary look at an obsolete Forest Service dam 3.5 miles into the upper watershed of the Arroyo Seco in the Angeles National Forest, Brown Mountain Dam, that blocks the prime spawning habitat in the mountains.

The Los Angeles River Fish Passage and Habitat Structures Design project will enhance migration corridors to the LA River soft-bottom reaches and upper tributaries to support native fish habitat needs at all life stages. (Courtesy Stillwater Sciences)

To be competitive in CDFW’s grant process, we need to provide a substantial match for the CDFW funding requested. The steelhead recovery program won’t begin until June of next year, but we need your commitment by Friday, April 9

Can you help us by providing financial support or in-kind services for the steelhead recovery program?

Get in touch with ASF Managing Director Tim Brick — ( (626) 639-4092) — right away!
(That means by Friday, April 9th)

We welcome partners in the steelhead recovery program.

Check out the American Carp Society

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Jeff Hernandez is a Southern California based and nationally renowned carp on the fly specialist.  A true fishing addict, known better to his many social media friends as youngunz_612

Hernandez has been fishing since he could walk and has had a fly rod in his hand since he was 6, fishing trout rivers and streams for the majority of his childhood with his father. Fishing other Western states such as Utah, Colorado, Arizona along with steelhead fishing in Northern California and local inshore and offshore saltwater fly fishing has helped hone his skills. He has also worked his way up to the position of assistant manager at Bob Marriotts Fly fishing Store in Fullerton, Calif.; a dream job indeed and the envy of many a fly-fishing enthusiast.

“I’m completely consumed with carp fly fishing and love nothing better than a good ‘golden bonefish’ chase,” Hernandez said.

He currently spends almost all of his free time chasing carp in the local Los Angeles area urban rivers and back waters.

“Anytime I’m not on the water is spent creating on the vice. I am really excited to be a part of the ever growing sport of fly fishing for carp and completely stoked to be able to share my knowledge and love for the sport here via the American Carp Society’s website.”