My kinda ‘pick up’

Conservationist Debbie Sharpton at Century Lake in Malibu Creek State Park. (Credit Jim Burns)

It’s always gratifying to have your writing spawn something bigger, that’s why most writers write. Oh no, actually, it’s the MONEY (OK, that’s a joke … ). So when Debbie Sharpton, whose ongoing environmental efforts in Malibu Creek State Park I wrote about in February, let me know local public radio station KCRW was picking up and expanding on that story, I was thrilled. I’ve included two links below, one for their print version, and another to “Greater LA,” where the story aired.

Hats off to reporter Will Callen who made all the moving parts in this piece accessible and easy to understand.

Many of us dream of the return of Southern Steelies to our creeks and rivers. Hopefully, this kind of awareness brings our dream a step closer to reality.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

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