Well-known to fly fishers, Markleeville starts GoFundMe page

I once watched plein-air painters try to capture the beauty surrounding this small community. After twin catastrophes, the town is asking for your help. (Credit: Alpine County Chamber)

On August 3, 2022, just over a year after the Tamarack Fire of 2021, the town of Markleeville sustained the impacts of heavy storm activity accompanied by mudslides and flooding. The damage ultimately closed Highway 89 north of Markleeville for an undetermined amount of time, and it remains closed. Until this access route is reopened, Markleeville’s small businesses have once again been brought to a standstill. 

Therefore, we ask for the support of all who love Alpine County and the town of Markleeville. The town’s small businesses have faced incredible odds over the past three years, and they can use our help now more than ever before. 

“Our businesses are the backbone of our community. Their resilience in the face of adversity should be recognized. Support for our businesses is the best vector for recovery, as we once again begin the recovery process.” JT Chevallier – Alpine County Economic Development Director

One thought on “Well-known to fly fishers, Markleeville starts GoFundMe page”

  1. I recently spent a few days in Markleeville and met some wonderful people there. The people were friendly, the town quaint, and definitely worthy of our support. The manager at one of the places there even gave up his “secret” fishing hole to me. Yeah…. they have my support. Good people!

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