Enjoy a historic Fourth of July!

It’s a little-known fact that time travel was indeed already an elite privilege back in George Washington’s day. Here’s a shot of our first president chillazin’ with a sweet brown on the Fourth of July in the 21st Century. Although he was able to return to 1776 after trading in his wooden dentures on a new set of snap-ins, to avoid time-line disruption, unfortunately the Simms waders had to stay. (Courtesy Troutrageous)

2 thoughts on “Enjoy a historic Fourth of July!”

  1. George made a small fortune from fishing. He harvested herring, salted them and packed them in barrels. They were sold as preserved food for expeditions, commercial voyages, and food for plantation workers.

  2. Any truth to the rumor that when crossing the Delaware river he was sussing out fish holding areas?

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