Salmon Dave’s fundraiser for Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust

Artwork by Ray Troll

By David Del Rio

Guest Contributor

The salmon is in tears … and so am I. We all are greatly negatively impacted by the loss of the wild salmon and its habitat.

A man made perfect storm of destruction is aimed directly for the salmons’ home and natural habitat, Bristol Bay and its tributaries.

This Category FIVE Storm of devastating environmental destruction of the Salmon is being done by the President in the name of exploitation of mineral resources at Pebble Mine. In a word… GREED!

This from CNN: The EPA told staff scientists that it was no longer opposing a controversial Alaska mining project that could devastate one of the world’s most valuable wild salmon fisheries, just one day after President Trump met with Alaska’s governor, CNN has learned.

If you wish to join the fight against the shameful actions of this administration, then please visit this website to become informed:

If you wish to support the fight directly, please help me in raising money for Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust where your contribution will make a direct impact.

Every little bit helps. The salmon and I both Thank you for your support. I’ve included information about Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust below.

PLEASE share this post! It is set to ‘public’ so that anyone can view or share it.

The Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust is dedicated to the preservation and protection of salmon and wildlife habitat of the greater Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska, including the Wood/Tikchik State Park and the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. To learn more visit our website,

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