Quick mends: Will El Nino be able to flush fish invaders from LA River?

Keith Mosier nabs his first L.A. River carp. Oh, yeah! (Ken Lindsay)

A straight flush? That’s the topic environmental writer Louis Sahagun ponders in today’s LA Times, and the hypothesis being tested in this recent citizen science event: Can nonnative species survive in So Cal’s boom-or-bust water cycles?

For those of us who enjoy fishing them, the answer is “sure, hope so!” But as many of you can attest, the bass, also a nonnative, went away for many months following last winter’s storms.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

2 thoughts on “Quick mends: Will El Nino be able to flush fish invaders from LA River?”

  1. I doubt that premise. However, the rain, that precious stuff, even if it comes in flood events, is so needed, and especially that that turns to snow, in the Sierras and my Rockies. It seems that any discussion of the survival of any species, especially your coveted steelhead, depends on a clean plentiful amount of rain. We are looking to break a drought as well here in SW Idaho, though I don’t want to jinx myself. Good luck for you all.


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