A common and a mirror netted in Long Beach fish study

So, if you asked me, “hey, Jim, did you have the work week from hell?’ I’d pretty much say, “yup, and goodbye to all that.” Because today is Saturday. And Saturday was custom-made for fishing, just like a sweet, summertime mint julep.

Why have a workweek gloom-over when my calendar read: FoLAR Citizen Fishing event, 2 p.m.

And isn’t citizen fishing just really a wonderful excuse to fish for the best cause (science), jaw-bone with old friends, meet new ones,  and be in awe (I know I am) of both Rosi Dagit and Sabrina Drill, the biologists who keep mining our river for fishy clues? And a shout out to FoLAR’s Bill Bowling, organizer extraordinaire, and to Trout Unlimited’s Bob Blankenship.

So this marvelous (hot) Saturday afternoon, about a dozen anglers and assorted others all met to continue the conversation of what the heck is in the river in Long Beach. Observers could tell something was up from the telltale Home Depot orange buckets that lined the bank. No mullets, nor smelt. Today’s puzzle pieces: a 5-pound common carp and a slightly smaller mirror.

And it is on days such as this one that I count  

DRIPPING WET: Todd Suttle pulled in this common carp on a tortilla fly. He also found a dollar bill. (Jim Burns)

 my blessings to have many riverly friends, and feel connected to something truly awesome.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

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