Raging Waters: when the river becomes a beast

STORM SURGE: today's view from the Glendale Street Bridge. (Ryan Anglin)
STORM SURGE: today’s view from the Glendale Street Bridge. (Ryan Anglin)

Hey Jim,

Thought you’d like to see this shot, although you may have many by now. This is at the Glendale Blvd. bridge, notice the amount of vegetation and small islands that are completely submerged. Those are some serious rapids. L.A. River, in all her glory!

Take care,

Ryan Anglin

7 thoughts on “Raging Waters: when the river becomes a beast”

    1. What is the carp carrot pattern supposed to mimic, a crayfish? I heard of others who had luck with that fly.

      1. Never mind. I just read up on it. It’s a nymph. I guess that makes sense since carp root around the bottom.

      2. I think it’s an attractor pattern. I went to Orvis Saturday and bought orange dub, and orange ice dub (sparkly), and had a blast tying. Tied one with wiggly white legs, a couple with a white spot, one with a bead head. Now, I’m dying to try them out, but this weather’ s not having it.

      3. I agree – its a nymph but have to add that I started using carp flies rather than eggs – because they are so interesting – similar to the fish – looked ugly at first. I have also had a lot of luck on the carp nasty and the carp tickler. I like the orange color as I can see it floating towards the fish.

  1. Yup, the eggs are boring, and the flies are crazy fun. I looked up some history on the carp carrot. Seems somebody named Mr. Zip invented it? Thanks for the update, Mark.

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