LARFF passes 50,000 mark

imageFour years ago, this blog started out as an experiment, really, and it’s hit this landmark today. Through it, I’ve learned a lot about the politics of the city I love, made lots of new friends, been skunked and humbled more times than I can count, and occasionally watched as my fly line exploded down the river.

And, today’s my birthday!

So, thank you all. I really appreciate your contributions and readership. Best birthday present a guy could have.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

6 thoughts on “LARFF passes 50,000 mark”

  1. Happy Birthday. I was going to try the basin this Wednesday or Thursday for the first time. I heard about it through the Pasadena Orvis store and finally have some time to see if I can handle one of those awesome carp. I ware a white brimmed hat. Love to say high…


  2. Congratulations, both on the birthday and the readership milestone. Hope you have a wonderful day, hopefully filled with some fishing and no politics.

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