Army Corps recommends $1 billion for L.A river

How news spreads now:

James Bradbury-Boyd (@jboydNYC)
5/29/14, 2:42 AM
@latimes this will be a nice start to @jimgoesfishing ‘s day!


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See you on the river, Jim Burns

2 thoughts on “Army Corps recommends $1 billion for L.A river”

  1. So this is good for focus BUT will they design it properly. They are world famous for bassakward jobs. Jane

  2. its sad how many residences and businesses will be destroyed when all your beautiful trees that are not anchored deep to or on bedrock that will be uprooted during heavy rains and washed to the nearest bridge underpass thus plugging up the free flow of flood.waters creating a dam situation causing major flooding of the residences and businesses nearest the stoppage costing millions in damage ,but hey at least it look beautiful at the present right ?

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