12 thoughts on “Quick mends: Why we carp the L.A. River”

  1. a bit south of ripple pl during the evening – they are quite small, but there are some large white bellied fish that jump once in a while – don’t know if they are bass, carp or large greenies — but they don’t seem interested in griffiths gnats or elk hair caddis 🙂

    1. So … you mean south of Red Car mural? If they’re carp, jumping means that they won’t hit any bugs, either on top or below the surface. Sounds really fun!

  2. Near Fletcher – just south of the 2 fwy. Yes I thought they were likely carp – but they always seem to jump in the same place which I thought was more of a bass thing. Sun eve I was there for a while at sunset time with a 2 weight – fun!

    1. Hi Gregg,

      I’m going to take a look, maybe this weekend. I think there are mullet farther down by Long Beach, where the river enters the ocean. That part of the river’s on my bucket list!

  3. Alright, I’ve been wanting to check out the LA River ever since I first stumbled upon your blog a year back. I’m a WA native thats been down in Pasadena a couple years now in grad-school. Most of my fishing-free-time I’ve headed up into the San Gabriels/Bernardinos or Sierras looking for trout on a fly.

    Mind gifting me some intel on how/where to start trying to get some Carp on a fly?

    1. Not at all, Joseph. The commenters favor the area just south of the 2 freeway, south of Fletcher. I haven’t fished here, but carp, green sunfish and bass have all been caught in that area.

      Another fun spot specifically for carp is north of the golf course on Los Feliz Blvd. about a half-mile. There’s a water purification inflow, which is hard to miss. Along that area, there are definitely carp suitable for sight casting. Remember, once the spawn begins in a few weeks, carp stop feeding, but it’s fun to try to catch them anyway. Tight lines, Jim

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