Quick mends: Buy a Fly-Carpin’ T-shirt for Carp Slam 7 fundraiser

cropped-carpslamheadWith so much going on for our river, it’s easy to forget about other restoration efforts around the country.CarpSlam7-2013-Brochure is coming up Saturday, Sept. 7, to benefit the South Platte.  Denver Trout Unlimited has used past proceeds to restore:

  • $11,000 to South Platte Suburban Parks and Recreation District Project
  • $14,000 to Overland Park Pond Restoration
  • $25,000 to River South Project

To raise additional money for the effort, McTage over at Fly Carpin’ has designed a T-shirt and is selling it on EBay.  It’s $18 and the proceeds will go to Trout Unlimited’s restoration efforts.


See you on the river, Jim Burns


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