FOLAR volunteers take out the trash

About 100 volunteers at Steelhead Park today helped clean up the Los Angeles River as part of the Friends of the L.A River's annual event. The goal was to fill up a nearby 40-yard industrial trash bin with all manner of garbage from the river, while not disturbing any wildlife that make the waters their home. FOLAR volunteers could be seen at numerous sites along the river's 51-mile stretch.

As you can see from the photo, that trash included an old tire, as well as bags of plastic refuse.

Brian Talbot and his two young children, Marley and Miles, of South Pasadena, even found a keepsake metate-style pestle for grinding herbs and spices, while they plucked throwaways from the river's green space.

Last week, the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority filled up two 40-yarders in preparation for the recreational pilot program that begins Memorial Day. The MCRA is charged with administering the program that will continue until Labor Day.


See you on the river, Jim Burns


2 thoughts on “FOLAR volunteers take out the trash”

  1. Great fun and great turn out. Our kids have fun. They now want to put on their shirts and go down to the river for a clean up every weekend!

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