Carp fishing in Germany

Europe is one of the best continents to be in when it comes to vacations. Backpacking and taking in the sights on a bus or train is one of the best life experiences you’ll never forget. Among the best places in Europe is Germany. Apart from its scenic views, castles rich with history and the amazing food, it’s also the best places in the world to catch carp. While your wife may frown at the thought of you fishing while you’re in your second honeymoon, the best places to fish in Germany are also some of the most unique and picturesque locations you will ever see. Picture 1

If this is your first time fishing in Germany, it would be best to hire a guide. Not that we don’t trust your fishing instincts or expertise, it’s just that locations here have peak and off peak seasons for fishing. On top of this, Germany has a strict and stringent fishing policy. You will need a temporary license to start fishing and if you’re going to fish in private property, you will need to pay the owner some royalties as well. Before this discourages you, let me assure you that if you hire a guide, all of these problems will go away. For a modest fee, your papers, the fishing location and all the gear you will need to fish that elusive German carp will be taken care of. You can check the internet for fishing guides like ProNature to help you with your fishing experience. The good thing about these guides is that they can also arrange your accommodations in some of the best B&B inns in the country.

While Germany isn’t exactly Vegas where you can go Casino hopping, some of the best casinos in the world are here. Casino Baden-Baden} is an example of the casino hotels you can stay in so you can get your daily dose of poker action. If you are travelling with kids, you can also play online at sites like partypoker DE on your smartphone or web browser. Since poker sites like these are abundant online, you can just go for cheaper accommodations next to a lake and let the whole family fish with you. While most fishermen believe that gadgets spook the fish, I find that it’s helpful when you’re waiting it out. Fishing while playing poker makes one hell of a vacation if you ask me.

Once you hire a guide, don’t forget to learn the tricks of the trade so you can go at it alone the next time you’re in Germany. Since fishing is regulated here, there is an abundance of catch and the sizes are relatively bigger than their U.S. counterparts. If there was ever a time for you to start your loved ones on fishing, this would be the place to do it.

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