Public comment opportunities, a possible L.A. River district and the ‘birdman’

Although obviously written by a child, the sentiment holds. (courtesy
Although obviously written by a child, the sentiment holds. (courtesy

The city will host two public meets to present the proposed Los Angeles River Recreational Zone Pilot Program the Glendale Narrows. Come on down and weigh in:

Saturday, Feb 23, from 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m., Dickerson Employee Benefits Conference Room, 1918 Riverside Drive, L.A. or the following Monday, at the Ad Hoc River Committee Meeting at 3 p.m. in City Hall, 10th floor. For courtesy parking, call (213) 473-7001

Meanwhile, the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities has awarded a community challenge planning grant worth more than $2 million to the newly formed Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative. (Could somebody tell me who comes up with these names … geez). The aim is to use the bucks to “re-envision Northeast Los Angeles communities located along the L.A. River into a Riverfront District, focusing on community revitalization, environmental stewardship, sustainable civic engagement and economic growth for the entire city,” according to a press release from NELA RC.

If you want to weigh in on this one, simply go to its new website,, and complete the sentence “I want my river to be …” Of the 500 responses so far, one read “A nice safe place with no trash and have nice friends.” I penned one about fly fishing for carp, because my fear in all of this is that the fish will be eliminated by the Army Corps because they aren’t indigenous.

And Tony Taylor a.k.a “the birdman” has begun an online petition against any sort of river development short of turning it into a wildlife sanctuary. You can find it at and of this writing has 15 signatures.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

6 thoughts on “Public comment opportunities, a possible L.A. River district and the ‘birdman’”

  1. Jim,

    Couldn’t locate The Birdman, but it seems extreme. The river is severly compromised as it is, a habitat for all including responsible human use would only add to its long term protection as more people enjoy the urban surprise.


  2. Jim,
    Just got back from fishing LA river between G’dale and Fletcher. We need your help!
    There is a ‘bird lady’ spreading cat food all up and down the river path! She has done this all week. Literally 20 bags of cat food. I was with my 5 yo daughter so I didn’t want to get into an argument with her or voice my concerns about her actions but it did lead to a long talk on the way home of feeding wild animals and the problems that occur when man disrupts nature.

  3. Question is who do we contact? DFG(W)? 311? I looked it up and it is not illegal to feed birds(only in Pershing Sq) but she is littering technically. I thought you might have a better idea?

    1. Sure, the Griffith Park rangers are in charge. Just Google the number in the park. Do remember though that any activity that puts you in the water and off the path is currently technically illegal. Hope this helps, Jim

  4. Please :lets work to geather and clean up the Los Angles River. Holding ponds that are corse filtered and maby treated to kill bacteria are a must.We should be our rivers keeper.
    Now is the time to install reclaimed water to all .Each City along the river corse must stand and become responsible and have daily oversite.

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