Opening Day signals start of the High Sierra fishing season

Hungry trout are the draw for hundreds of fisherman to escape city life for the High Sierra on Opening Day. (Jim Ruebsamen)

By Jim Ruebsamen, Contributor

     Saturday brought us another Opening Day.  Real sportsmen know what Opening Day is.  And it isn’t the start of the baseball season.  No, Opening Day signals the beginning, not necessarily of spring, but of fishing season in the High Sierra.
     There is no other day like it.  It could be raining, could be snowing, could be 40 mile per hour howling wind.  It doesn’t matter. This year Opening Day, fortunately like most years, was a mild, sunny, breezy 75 degrees of pleasure.
     Getting out, getting away from the city and all that it normally offers, is what Opening Day is all about.  Of course, catching a few hungry trout would cap the day. However, this year had a slow start.  Fish were being caught, but there were a lot of fishermen and fisherwomen who dropped lines but reeled in only reeds and lake grass.

There are over 300 species of birds that make their home in the Eastern Sierra Nevada, including seagulls. (Jim Ruebsamen)
     Some reported a day of what some would call frustration, returning to their motels at dusk with nary a nibble, let alone a bite.  But they said it with a weary smile for there is always tomorrow.

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