Don’t ‘carp’ about Earth Day …

Participants carry a large traditional carp-shaped wind sock called "Koinobori" at a parade demanding a stop to all nuclear power plants in Japan as part of an event for Earth Day in Tokyo. The carp banners are flown in Japan from April to early May to wish for the good health of children. (REUTERS)

… instead, sign up for FOLAR’s 23rd annual L.A. River clean up, Saturday, April 28, from 9 a.m. until noon. Check the link to find which of the 15 locations is best for you, then … sign up!

See you on the river Saturday, Jim Burns

2 thoughts on “Don’t ‘carp’ about Earth Day …”

  1. Right, we have several events on our river in town. But, the folks cleaning up are NOT the ones who trashed it in the first place. Still, concerned citizens care. Great job!


  2. Think it will be a fun event, Gregg. You know, I never gave plastic bags a second thought until I started fishing the river. I’m good with the occasional submerged shopping cart (artificial reef??), but, ugh, the plastic bags have gotta go.

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