Quick Mends: New York Times gives a thumbs up to catching carp on the fly

How many guys carry their own scale? Jim Graves does!

The title says it all: The newspaper America either loves or hates, depending on political affiliation, has sanctioned catching carp with a fly rod. Best quote is that it’s like soccer: No. 1 sport in the world, yet, just catching on in America. Take a look at the piece, written by Chris Santella.

Lots of action on our own river, Friday. We spotted at least 30 fish.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

4 thoughts on “Quick Mends: New York Times gives a thumbs up to catching carp on the fly”

  1. I read that in another post. Well, more are seeing he light! Nice fish I see. Keep me/us posted! LA River is a must for me someday.

    Thanks Jim, Gregg

  2. I live in the Bronx NY and we are fortunate to have Van Cortlandt Park which is wild and even has some old growth forest. It also has a lake and a large freshwater marsh where I have pursued panfish and bass. Two years ago, while bass bugging, I noticed a large fish working along some cattails. I recognized a carp. Just for fun I tied on a dragonfly larvae imitation and dropped it about two feet ahead of it. To my surprise it was taken. I set the hook and watched my five weight line melt away. The carp, at least 20 pounds, ran me around and then snapped the leader at the fly. Call me a confirmed addict. I want to meet that fish again.

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