Quick mends: Trickster scissors send an environmental message on Matilija Dam

Cut and paste: A pair of painted scissors show exactly where to cut the concrete. (Courtesy PeakWater.org)UPDATE

UPDATE:Damnation” is a documentary well worth watching.

What a week for dam-busters. First, news of the bulldozers marking out space to begin the destruction of Elwha Dam in Washington, and now, closer to home, graffiti artists have painted a large pair of scissors and a dotted line on Matilija Dam, near Ojai, Calif.

Take a look at the reporting from the Los Angeles Times, then look for yourself at the amount of work dedicated to razing this old timer. It seems all sides are in agreement that it’s time to pull out the dynamite, but a lack of federal dollars stands in the way.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

3 thoughts on “Quick mends: Trickster scissors send an environmental message on Matilija Dam”

  1. Pasadena’s own Flintridge Foundation (no longer making environmental grants) provided funding to organizations working to remove the Elwha Dam about 20 years ago. How wonderful that that salmon-killing monstrosity is being removed.

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