Quick Mends: Unincorporated L.A. County bag ban

It’s the month of July so …

gimme a “B”

gimme an “A”

gimme a “G”

what’s that spell?

“BAG,” and from here on out, supermarkets and pharmacies in unincorporated areas of L.A County will charge you a dime for each paper bag you need to carry out items from the store. Single-use plastic bags will be offered, however, for carryout, fruits, vegetables and raw meats.

What’s it mean?

On the heels of a 1 percent drop in sales tax here in the county, it is now wise to save your pennies by bringing your own bags for shopping.  Yesterday, according to various news sources, shoppers who forgot their bags got creative by enlisting cardboard boxes, multitasking hand and arm grips a la Brazilian jujitsu, reusable totes and even Gucci purses.

Reaction has been mostly positive, according to store personnel.

After having covered this for the past several months, I have mixed feelings about the piecemeal bans we’re seeing. A statewide ban would have been more effective and easier on consumers. Now, your bag burden depends on where you’re shopping: Altadena, yes; adjacent Pasadena, no …

Let’s wait and see if the ban decreases the amount of plastic harvested in next year’s river cleanup.

See you on the river, Jim Burns

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