A message from our buddy, George Wolfe

Dear prospective L.A. River boater,

KCET’s gorgeous new ‘Departure’ series provides a lot of great information & the latest news about navigating the L.A. River, the ongoing challenges of obtaining official access to the river, & other tales about life along the river.  I hope that you’ll support their efforts while getting questions answered about our green business in development and your role in a future river expedition this year.  Feel free to post comments in order to open up discussions. Or perhaps send this notice around your email circles… or post a link on your favorite social media site.  Thx! 

Kayaking activist George Wolfe was instrumental last year in establishing the Los Angeles River as a "navigable waterway," which invoked the Clean Water Act. (courtesy George Wolfe)
1/4: LA River Expedition (2:54) — a brief history of how the ‘2008 LA River Expedition’ played a key role in protecting the river and its watershed
2/4: It’s Surreal (4:03) — on the quirky, “surreal” nature of the L.A.River
3/4: The River – Beyond a Glance (5:41) — what it’s like to physically navigate the L.A. River in a boat
4/4: Accessing the Water (3:46) — regarding recreational activities on the river + the challenges of creating a proper access policy
A couple other items:
* If you feel inspired to help push the process along (and it can help), I recommend that you contact your city councilmember, county supervisor or state political rep(s) and urge our local governmental agencies to create a clear, comprehensive LA River recreational use policy so that you can start using your river via LA River Expeditions in spring 2011.
* L.A. River Expeditions has been honored in the past few months with two environmental awards for its conservation work on behalf of the L.A. River: the ‘Green Paddle’ (presented by the American Canoe Association) and a ‘River Warrior’ award (presented by the Resources Renewal Institute).  To see more info on those, see our News page at http://www.lariverexpeditions.org/page_news.php
George Wolfe
President & Founder
L.A. River Expeditions

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